Doctor Modes™

Doctor Modes™ can analyze SlabRibCircleTrapezeChannelStripEllipse, and Triangle waveguide cross-sections.

The software finds and sorts the supported waveguide modes by employing analytical methods, and displays essential details about them. Among the methods are Planar Slab (Maxwell), Shadow Region (Marcatili), Effective Index Method, Circle (Maxwell), and an Exact solution applied by the Galerkin method.

The software includes a built-in Analysis Tool that can examine the property of the waveguide with parameter variations.

Lord PICS™

Lord PICS™ (Photonic Integrated Circuits) analyzes typical building blocks elements of the Integrated Optics family such as Directional Coupler, Ring/Racetrack resonator, Mach-Zehnder Interferometer, and Fabry-Pérot resonator. Circuits are analyzed using the well-known and stable, Steady-State models.


MeSI™ provides a software interface that controls the electrical equipment used for measurement. The software provides an easy and convenient interface with graphical capabilities same as the Asteria© package software. Saved measurements files can be loaded in Lord PICS™ module for comparison with theory (& vice versa). The connection to electrical equipment is established via GPIB, USB, Serial/Parallel port, LAN, and FireWire.


Circuits King™

Circuits King™ is an Optical Interconnect simulator. Components such as bus, optical couplers, resonators, light sources and detectors can be integrated in the layout to form large networks required in many applications, e.g., Deep Learning (Training networks), optical programming and processing, beam shaping array (Phased/TTD array antenna), and WDM (modulators, switches) arrays.

Main Features:

Integrate building blocks from the Integrated Optics family: Bus (& Curved Bus), Resonators, Single-Pass Devices, Optical Couplers, Light Sources (e.g. Laser, LED), Axes, Light Detector (e.g. Photo-Diode), Device (light processing)

PDK support (foundries around the world) + GDS II saving.