MDS provide industrial consultancy and training on ASIC Design and TCAD Design (Semiconductor Device Simulation) and Modeling.

Academic and Research Project Work

B.Tech EC & CS Projects / M.Tech (EC & VLSI) and PhD Thesis work on VLSI / Semiconductor Devices.

Short Term Course on VLSI Design and Technology for Engineering College Students.

ASIC Design (Analog Design & AMS Design Flows).

    • Make Circuit Schematic.
    • Circuit Simulation using SPICE Simulator.
    • Layout creation (GDS) and Verification (DRC, RC, LVS).

TCAD Training (Nanoscale Device Simulation).

Basic Training on TCAD Tools:

PROCESS Simulation: Users will learn the specifics of this process simulation tool, in terms of syntax and introduction of various models to simulate fabrication process flows.

DEVICE Simulation: In this the user will learn to characterize Semiconductor Device (Created by Process Simulation) by applying biasing over different electrodes. It also includes parameters extraction methodology for creating model file for circuit simulation.

To benefit the most from the material presented in this course, you should have a good understanding of fabrication process and/or microelectronic device physics.